Le’veon Who?

While Le’veon Bell hasn’t shown his face in Pittsburgh. There are two Running Backs who don’t care. James Connor a hometown Boy who had a coming out party in his preseason debut against the NFC Champs Atlanta falcons. In a game where he rushed for 98 yards on 20 carries. he has a down hill running approach and hits the hole with an explosive burst. James Connor is a Cancer survivor and has been through adversity on multiple times. James suffered a torn ACL in college. only to come back to win ACC player of the year. his rise through adversity sits well with the blue-collar town of Pittsburgh.

Then there is little Known Terrell Watson. An Undrafted free agent out of Azusa Pacific. His two preseason games have been eye-opening. A Big Bruising running Back with speed could end red zone problems that the Steelers have. He rushed 8 times for 40 yards against the colts with 4 receptions for 42 yards. So while Le’veon Bell is lobbying for more money these young running backs are showing Bell why they call this the Not For Long League!!!!!

Why not trade Le’veon Bell now. While his stock is high. Le’veon Bell has never finished a full season(suspended 4 games last year and didn’t finish AFC Championship game). The Steelers are in desperate need of a starting corner or some #1 draft pick for a #1 corner. If the Steelers even think of signing Bell close to his demands. It would be a salary cap nightmare with years of backlash to come. Let this sink in Le’veon Bell turned down  12 million a year which would have been the highest paid running back in the NFL. by 4 million a year. His demands are out of reach for a position that gets hit almost every play. And with his prior track record it would be a waste of salary cap money!!!!

I’m not saying Le’veon Bell isn’t  an elite running back. It’s just his demands are too rich for a salary cap league. With his track record of injuries and NFL suspensions this would be a horrible front office decision!

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