Can the steelers strike Gold again in the Draft?

The 2016 draft of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Was one of Tomlin’s best. The Steelers scored 3 defensive starters in the first three rounds. Was this the cause of Great draft picks or lack of talent on the Steelers roster? Only time will tell with the 2016 draft picks. The Steelers are in familiar territory again. A late first round draft pick and the need to help the defense. Steelers need an outside pass rusher everyone knows that. With the aging James Harrison and the draft bust Jarvis jones gone. The Steelers will need to address this issue. Another issue with team will be defensive backs. Will the Steelers look for a safety or a corner. Mike Mitchell is getting older and with his lack of coverage skills. this is an area where the Steelers can improve. The accountability of Martavis Bryant is in question with reoccurring suspensions. Will the Steelers look to beef up their Receiving core. One thing Mike Tomlin is known for is picking good receivers. This draft seems to be overloaded with position players. Can Tomlin and Colbert Strike Gold Again?


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  1. I believe the signing of Justin Hunter alleviates the need for the Steelers to look for a receiver in the draft. I predict they will go edge rusher, cornerback, tight end, running back, cornerback, defensive line, wide receiver, Offensive line. For some reason, I have a sneaky suspicion they may make a move up at some point. Overall though, I think they nail this draft.


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