Dolphin’s signing Timmons, makes way for young talent at MLB!!!

The Dolphins signed Lawrence Timmons to a 2 year 12 million dollar contract. With the departure of Timmons. i think you’ll see with tackling machines Vince Williams and Tyler Matekavich the Steelers defense just got better. I’m sure your thinking losing a ten-year veteran how in the world could we’ve gotten better? though Timmons was very athletic it also hurt him in missed tackles and in coverage. In a game against the chiefs last year (one the Steelers dominated) Vince Williams had 16 tackles. Tyler Matekavich filled in the 2nd half of the Dolphins game last year and lead the team in tackles. In a game where tackling was a problem. So now with no worries of signing Timmons. The Steelers can focus on a safety and outside pass rusher.The Steelers are never a big player in Free Agency and it seems as of the third day of 2017 Free Agency carousel the steelers are playing a Pat hand!!!!

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