What’s behind the reason for Big Ben’s Retirement talks?

If all you consider is the numbers when comparing the best Quarterbacks. It’s simply in the numbers Big Ben has thrown for 46,000 yards. 300 touchdowns etc… But his biggest stat is his winning percentage! Big Ben’s winning percentage  of .672 is very impressive. His winning percentage is among the top of all Quarterbacks that ever played.  All dynasties have an elite quarterback to lead them to the top.With the uncertainty of Big Ben’s future of playing. Shouldn’t we look at the window of opportunity closing. It’s not everyday you find an elite quarterback. we might have 5 to 6 years left with Big ben. That’s if he comes back to play this year. But what would drive him back to playing. Or maybe the better question is what is driving him away from the sport he loves? Would it be the blowout in the AFC Championship game? Ben stated that he needed to think this over with his family and think long-term. Is he worried about past injuries? I think the answer lies in his passion for winning, And the continue poor coaching and personnel  decisions by the coaching staff. Big Ben is a winner just look at his numbers. he wants to win more Superbowl. His growing frustration of the teams decisions and poor coaching just might be the reason for retirement talks. Lets just hope the Pittsburgh Steelers are LISTENING!

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