Hey folks its no surprise that the Penguins are struggling with all the injuries on defense, and some media pukes are harping about the Penguins burning out before they can defend their Stanley cup championship from a year ago! From a fan’s point of view I see some promising signs.
Sid is killing it, Rust is coming back, Letang, Maata , and Daly are coming back. Perhaps we should let the young guns get more ice time with 6 games left and let guys like Sid, Phil, and Cullen play on the Power play, and in spot duty, but girding the young guns for the upcoming Stanley Cup Battles!!
The goalies will get better, the defense will get an infusion of master talent, and we will have to mold into a juggernaut in the first round, which brings me to my point. If you’re going to be the third seed, then, you might as well slip to the fourth seed and get the young players more ice time so when the playoffs come around in two weeks, they will be on fire!!!
So all you worry warts calm it down and In SID WE TRUST!!!